Sunday, March 2, 2014

7th Level Mortgage Launches NEW REAL ESTATE Community

7th Level Mortgage is now in Beta test to launch its premier Real Estate Professional Community.  The new community  HOME BUYER LEAD SHARE is a Facebook oriented social network for Consumers and Real Estate Related Professionals to come together in one centralized location.

AT HBLS, buyers, sellers and RE Pros can meet in a social environment to discuss all aspects of the Real Estate industry.  The HBLS community is FREE to all members,  NO ONE PAYS to become a member and we do not solicit advertising.  The community is monitored by 7th Level Mortgage as a way to bring all parties of a real estate transaction together in a social setting, no stress, no high pitch sales techniques and you are NOT required to use 7th Level Mortgage for your financing (although we hope you at least give us a chance), as the saying goes Free Entry, No Purchase necessary!  We hope to foster a trust based one stop location for everyone in the market to meet, ask and answer questions without feeling obligated to anything.

The best part about it is, as a member we will provide your with potential clients who may seek your services or wish to hire you.  Again, no strings attached and its ALWAYS FREE!  The more you interact with other professionals and consumers on the site, the more leads you can generate for you and your company in the long term.

There is also a social component, we all create friends and professional associates, why not interact with them in one community.  Unlike Facebook, you do not have to be burdened with GAME requests or solicitations from non wanted entities.  We do not Track, suggest new products or monitor you.  We also do not have any GAMES on HBLS.

The site is currently available to all, it is still in BETA testing, and we are still looking for ways to improve it to make it a better place for all who join.  Your participation and feedback are greatly welcomed!  Come on in at   JOIN TODAY!